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Parents Corner / Parents Words
What Parents Say About Us
“We appreciate all your efforts towards Shahmir. Putting him in Sunshine Kindergarten was one of the best decisions we have taken…..hope you and your colleagues continue to do tremendous work .”

  Mdm Mdm Sayani, mother of Shahmir
“Dedicated teachers. Low teacher to student ratios.”

  Mr Aaron Tong, father of Samuel
“We have loved our time at Sunshine Kindergarten and thank you so much for the care, dedication and preparation for early literacy and Chinese foundation….Thank you for all the times you accommodated me and my working mother’s schedule. These little gestures really helped me!!!”

  Mdm Tan, mother of Sophie, Zoe & Bethany
“My kids were there throughout and the teachers were highly responsible.”

  Cindy Toh, mother of Gerrard & Genelle
“When ER came to Sunshine, he was a nervous boy with issues in focus and regulation, poor fine-gross motor-skills and low self-esteem…. In one year, we’ve seen a positive change in him, in all aspects of development…He is well-balanced, considerate, happy and most of all, less frustrated and more confident than before…It may only be 3 hours but the magic that happens within your (school) walls are boundless…Your team’s commitment to nurturing independent, thinking children, who are academically-sound and emotionally-whole is not just admirable, but should be actually modelled (not just preached) by all schools.”

  Mdm L Ang, mother of ER
“A perfect school, it’s not only about the numbers and alphabets but about the character and the heart. You had a big part in developing my boys, and they are excellent children. In my mind, Sunshine is the model kindergarten which should be the standard for all kindergartens to follow…. I have enjoyed every one of them (Parent Teacher Meetings) because I learned so much about the development of children…Keep up the excellent journey of developing perfect kids.”

  Mr D Nomanbhoy, father of Juzer and Adam
“I have always enjoyed observing Megan’s academic and physical progress…Megan has always enjoyed playing teacher and student roles at home, particularly the teacher role…I started to read from the back page and Teacher Megan shook her head and said exercises must begin from the first page and she demonstrated…. She (Megan) would read out the instruction and told me exactly what needed to be done before I could proceed…I could not help smiling at her progress….Megan tidies her own bed after waking up and clears her toys and books after playing…She (Megan) communicates confidently with both adults and children in public….I would like to thank all the teachers for taking care and guiding Megan in one way or another.”

  Mdm J Chung, mother of Megan
“My daughter, Annabel, attended Sunshine Kindergarten since she was 2½ years old. She blossomed from being a shy, quiet child to becoming an inquisitive, discipline and fun-loving girl…Annabel benefited from the excellent Reading Programme at Sunshine….also loves writing, and is an independent learner. She went on to excel academically after her Sunshine years, joining MOE’s primary gifted education programme at Primary 4. My son, James, has been attending Sunshine since 3 years of age…He enjoys his lessons at Sunshine, where his language and mathematics skills are challenged and is very settled in the warm and caring learning environment. The regular feedback from the teachers also helps us to monitor his progress and understand his individual learning style.”

  Mdm M Lee, mother of Annabel & James
“My son started with Sunshine Kindergarten when he was in Nursery 1 and now he is in Primary 1. The teachers in Sunshine are very patient and caring. They will always go the extra mile to ensure that they give their best to their pupils. The differentiated teaching approach adopted by the school allowed my son to be stretched to a higher standard. They have prepared my son extremely well for primary school and we grateful for their professionalism and dedication.”

  Mdm Lim Ai Lay, mother of Koh Shan Chun (6)